Hengoed Chapel - Grace Ministries & Hengoed Community Project
Since 1650 Christian worship, in the Baptist tradition, has taken place on the site of the Old Chapel in Hengoed.
2010 saw the re-opening of this historic, Grade II listed building for Christian worship, led by Katherine and Carl Miller.

Hengoed Chapel is the home of:
1. Grace Ministries
2. Hengoed Community Project

Grace Ministries
Our desire is to see the communities in which we live transformed by the gracious love of God, made known to the world in Jesus Christ. 
We believe that it is our responsibility to not simply speak the Gospel, but to make it a reality in our lives for all to see. 

Hengoed Community Project 
(registered charity number 1144049)
The project has two main aims, which are closely linked with the priorities of Grace Ministries and the vision:
1. The restoration of the building and graveyard;
2. To work with other organisations to provide leisure opportunities for young people, tackle anti-social behaviour, promote intergenerational relationships and address the fear of youth, facilitate educational opportunities and enable volunteering opportunities in the Cefn Hengoed area.

The vision for all of the work at the Chapel comes from Ezekiel 47:6-12  
Just as the water flowed from the temple, I believe that the purpose of the Church, as the Body of Christ, is to enable the Living Water to flow, to bring life where there was previously none, so that where the river flows, everything will live. I believe that life, in all its diversity and abundance, can come forth from areas that have been desolate for too long. I believe that the fishers of men will be able to stand on the shore and spread their nets wide. And I believe the abundance and diversity that will be seen will be the strength that enables this life to continue to come forth. I see a diverse Church that will, just like the trees on the bank of the river, grow to maturity, fuelled and refreshed by the Holy Spirit. I see a Body of people, working together, each with their own unique personality and gifting. These people will serve the will of God for and the people of this community, being lights in the darkness, meeting needs, bearing fruit and enabling broken lives to be healed. At all times we will be a people who work together to actively discern the will and purpose of God for our lives, as individuals and as His Church. We will promote unity and support each other in love to achieve all that we have been commissioned to achieve.


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